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Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled Free agents
For more than half a century, U.S. government officials have considered disaster scenarios, such as the consequences of a nuclear bomb going off in Washington, D.C. Only now, instead of following fixed story lines and predictions assembled ahead of time, they are using computers to play what-if with an entire artificial society: an advanced type of computer simulation called an agent-based model. Today’s version of the nuclear attack model includes a digital simulation of every building in the area affected by the bomb, as well as every road, power line, hospital, and even cell tower....
9 hours ago
MackGariba has started a discussion topic titled Find Your Eligibility For Fha Mortgage Calculator 10 hours ago
MackGariba   Maybe you've experienced some credit problems due to a deficiency of profits and you've examine that credit history is not an challenge when finding... 10 hours ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled A delicate balance
The vast majority of the nearly half-million infants born prematurely in the United States are given antibiotics, even without evidence of infection. Many preemies are kept on the drugs after blood tests say they are not sick. Yet that practice, once considered the best way to protect a hospital’s most vulnerable patients, is now being challenged. Some studies suggest that even while helping fight certain infections, those drugs may encourage others by wiping out an infant’s developing gut microbiome. Disrupting that microbial ecosystem may also promote a host of problems later in...
10 hours ago
MackGariba has started a discussion topic titled What Is The Minimal Credit Score To Get A Fha Mortgage 10 hours ago
MackGariba   Let's examine the risk factor. The assumption is that the more "skin you have in the video game" or, the more of your individual income that is tied... 10 hours ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled Latin America’s lost histories revealed
If you walked the cobblestone streets and bustling markets of 16th and 17th century Mexico City, you would see people born all over the world: Spanish settlers, indigenous Americans, Africans, and Asians. All these populations met and mingled for the first time in colonial Latin America. Historical documents describe this cultural mixture, but now, international teams of researchers are enriching our view of colonial Latin America by analyzing the genomes of today’s people. Aided by sophisticated statistics and worldwide genetic databases, they can tease apart ancestry and population...
11 hours ago
MackGariba has started a discussion topic titled Extend Your Repayment Time Period With Fha Mortgage 12 hours ago
MackGariba   The U.S. Authorities felt that, as portion of "The New Offer", a federal method was wanted to enhance new home construction and thereby create work... 12 hours ago
StuartBust has started a discussion topic titled What Is The Function Of Federal Housing Administration And It Benefits 19 hours ago
StuartBust   Another benefit of an FHA loan is that they have reduce credit standards than a typical mortgage. With a regular mortgage the credit requirements are... 19 hours ago